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4-in-1 Design 15W Fast Wireless Charger Stand

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White charger + 20W EU charger
Black charger + 20W EU charger
Black charger + 20W US charger
White charger + 20W US charger
Black charger + 20W UK charger
White charger + 20W UK charger
White charger only
Black charger only
- Input voltage/current: 9V/4A
- Output frequency: 100-205KHz
- Transmitting power: 15W, 10W, 7.5W, 5W, 3W

- The farthest charging distance: ≤ 8 mm
- Material: zinc alloy (bottom) + ABS + acrylic
- Charging efficiency: 78%
- Colors: black or white
- Certifications: CE, RoHS
- Net weight: 268 g
- Gross weight: 378g
- Product size: 184 x 113 x 65 mm

- Packing size: 196 x 120 x 71 mm
- Multifunctional magnetic wireless charging, convenient and fast, no need for cumbersome charging cables
- Intelligently adapt to safe current, do not interfere with each other, safe and fast charge
- Fashionable and beautiful appearance, adopting artistic curve design, stable adsorption, and will not fall off when shaking

- The sensing distance is long, and the charging is not affected by wearing the phone case

- Switch between horizontal and vertical, the mobile phone can be charged as soon as it is charged, horizontal or vertical screen can be selected
- Wireless charger
- Charging cable (USB-C)
- Instructions
- This wireless charger can charge any mobile phone and other devices, as long as your device supports wireless charging.
- The magnetic attraction function is limited to the MagSafe feature from few Apple models, other models (Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, Huawei...) do not have this function, so we provide buyers with a magnetic sheet, which is clipped on the back of the phone. The case can also achieve a firm suction effect

 if it has built-in magnets.